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Comes in the following editions:

Edition #1 - sold out
Grey vinyl with
deluxe gatefold sleeve.

With extra poster, limited to 125 copies.

Edition #2 - sold out

Grey vinyl with deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Limited to 375 copies.


VARIOUS "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" - 2xLP  WyS-001   2013

Highlighting music by some of the pioneers and most influencial artists out of the minimal-cold-darkwave scene from the early eighties, "_ever Alive" pays tribute to Snowy Red and its frontman, Micky Mike. Named as a primary influence by today's finest such as Animal Bodies, Bestial Mouths, Bright Future, Deathday, Led Er Est, Marburg, Meddicine, Mirror Mirror, Mushy, Nové Můra, Newclear Waves, Revelator, Safyée, Scorpion Violente, Strange Powers, //Tense// and Violet Tremors, these amazing names and a few pretty special guests joined their forces to this project to form some of the most spectacular and adventurous lineup in the genre to shed new light on Snowy Red's highly original and inspiring dark synthpearls. The result is a new interpretation of 17 classics with a powerful new sound where tradition and innovation are meeting at the top.

This wonderful tribute comes in an arty and super classy deep black gatefold that will enlighten both your eyes and senses.


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