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Comes in the following editions:


First press (2016)

Edition #1

Handnumbered oxblood in black vinyl edition - limited to 100 copies
Edition #2

Handnumbered black vinyl edition - limited to 200 copies


Second press (2016)
Edition #3
Black in coke bottle color vinyl edition - limited to 100 copies

Edition #4

Black vinyl edition - limited to 200 copies not handnumbered

Third press (2017)

Edition #5

Black vinyl. New cover finish


WHISPERING SONS "PERFORMANCE" - 7"     WyS-016     2017

After their critically acclaimed first LP "Endless Party" released on Wool-E-Tapes (cassette) and Minimal Maximal (vinyl), Whispering Sons is returning with a two-track EP that sees the quintet keeping digging in an already very distinctive sound and vibe of their own that make them so recognizable and exclusive. Fenne Kuppens stark and warm vocals and lyrics are giving the finest polish to the bands' cold sonic darkness. The two songs are giving a very strong idea of what the quintet is the best at, taking us into a wide range of emotions that won't  leave us heartless. While "Performance" has this quite lyrical and impetuous swirl, "Strange Identities" sounds and evolves in a more obscure and modest place.


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