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It's only January and our first big announcement of the year is a intense stare in the eye with a massive series of new titles to hit this Spring. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR RELEASES are about to land very soon and make of 2018 our most ambitious year to date.

Be prepared for an all-Los Angeles bands Spring special...

See below what we've been cooking up all along this long and dark Winter!


We are proud to announce we've been chosen by LA's new label Anti-Language Records to team up and join forces on the release of VOWWS' new album "Under The World". Eleven songs of pure Death Pop. You don't know what that means? Well you'll know soon enough as this year will be all about Death Pop (© Rizz)Artwork @Jesse Draxler

Rel. date March 30th.

Preorders to start on the first days of March


Our second LA band is GLAARE, hitting us with their debut LP "To Deaf And Day". This is another European pressing we're doing, while the US version is already out there and courtesy of Dune Altar. Same as for the VOWWS lp, our version of this album will have a few differences to make this edition very unique. And for our US friends, the band is currently touring the States with FearingRel. date March 30th

Preorders are NOW ON!

Get your copy here


The following title is a very special one as we've announced that one several times over the past two years. We're happy to finaly announce the release of long-time friend and contributor Ben Chisholm (remember him taking part on our very first release "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red"?) who's part of Chelsea Wolfe's band and the man behind White Horse (the gorgeous boxset "The Revenant Gospels" boxset we put out two years ago), Revelator, and who's lately remixed Thot's VLTAVA on our very latest 7" release last November. For this new project, our man is pairing with Felix Skinner who's part of one of my all time favorite bands Wreck and Reference (from Los Angeles, again). The album is entitled "Burgeoning Verse"Rel. date April 20th

Preorders will go on February 20th


And last but not least, Weyrd Son Records has another great privilege to release the follow up to Second Still's LP ("Second Still) now coming back with a beautiful 5 track EP named "Equals". There's also gonna be a cassette edition to be released by our very dear friends of sentimental. The trio is on tour with Cold Showers in the US as we speak and will also hit Europe for their second tour in May...

Rel. date April 20th

Preorders to start on Feb 20th

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