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Sooo... we were supposed to share today the release of Second Still's new ep "Equals" but we've had a problem with the plant due to a packaging quite challenging to produce. We won't have it before May 9th... Which is quite a party killer since the band will hit the European roads in about ten days... BUT!!! We've been working very hard to fix this situation and we've done a very special EU TOUR EDITION. It is limited to 100 copies and the band will have that one on the first half of the tour. For this occasion, we've done an alternative artwork so this one is completely different from the one we've announced two months ago. New design, new vinyl color variant (cream). And we're glad to announce we have 30 copies we'll put on the store next Monday around 6pm (CET), just in case you don't have the possibility to catch the band on the road...

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