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TBT time! This day marks the fifth anniversary of our first release "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red", featuring 17 bands. Today marks also the official debut of this amazing journey that is Weyrd Son Records. I started this thing as a tribute to my dad, Marcel Thiel, best known as Micky Mike, Snowy Red's frontman... This was supposed to be a one-shot release on this label but the response was fantastinc and things escalated quickly. Five years later, WSR is still breathing and slowly finding its place in this world. Thanx so much to all the bands and artists who gave me that trust and spread their love for my dad's music and shared their energy contributing to this first stone. I wanna share once again my love and gratitude to them. They are: Animal Bodies, BESTIAL MOUTHS, Bright Future, Deathday, LED ER EST, Marburg, Meddicine, Mirror Mirror, Mushy, Newclear Waves, Nove Mura and Jessy Champagne, Revelator and Freddy Ruppert, Safyée, Scorpion Violente, Strange Powers, //TENSE// & Violet Tremors. And thanx again to Betsy VanLangen for the wonderful artwork! Also, stay tuned all weekend long because we’ll celebrate with a few discounts and gifts here and there...

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