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As some of you may know, we've hit the 5 year mark as Weyrd Son Records last weekend.

Here's a simple and humble picture. Despite appearances, this one says more than it seems. Here's what it really tells...

We never thought we'd still be around half a decade later to be honest as this music world seemed quite complex, not to say a little fucked up sometimes. But what we didn't know when we decided to make the big jump is that it was going to be a wonderful experience and journey alongside so many beautiful artists and precious souls. First of all I'm speaking about those amazing bands and musicians we've had the privilege to work with and present the work to this world. I would like to thank them all one more time for the trust, the love and the passion they've spread and shared with us. They are ALL YOUR SISTERS, Animal Youth, Ben Chisholm & Felix Skinner, Charnier, Drab Majesty, GLAARE, Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang Music, Koban, Linea Aspera, Marie Davidson, Pure Ground, Second Still, Soft Kill , Thot, VOWWS, Weird Candle, Whispering Sons, White Horse and all the ones who've participated to the _ever Alive compilation, which I've already mentioned last Friday.

Running a record label is also meeting and working with visual artists and video makers bringing their amazing vision and making each release or video so special. It's been a great pleasure to have those amazing people on board: Felipe Vasquez, Manon Weiser, Paw Grabowski (øjeRum), Nedda Afsari (Muted Fawn), Jesse Draxler, Jean Lorenzo, Alice Thiel, Anne Fontenelle, Antoine De Schuyter, Gil Chevigné, Iljen Put, Kristin Cofer, Ashlee Luk, Chris King, Betsy VanLangen, Karlos Rene Ayala, Pierre Guerinau, Johnny Couteau, Artuhr Shelton, Antoine Ghisoland, Koen Blauwblomme & Pieter de Ridder. . Of course this would never have been possible without you, all you diehard fans, music lovers and record collectors who've ordered all those titles from all over the planet and spread the the most beautiful words.

Weyrd Son Records would've never been possible without the precious help of the coolest PR agents from the PR galaxy; Shannon Nico Shreibak & Stephanie Marlow at Indie Publicity, Julien Léonard Fernandez (5 Roses Press), shop owners who've been there from the very start; Dimitri (Wool E Shop), Jörg (Kernkrach Record Shop), Dave (End of an Ear), peeps at Blind Spot - disquaire/libraire, Touki (72 Records), the guys at Veals N. Geeks, BIG LOVE, Ultrasuoni Records Roma. Huge love and thank you to our distributors Cargo UK (hi Joe!), Forced Exposure (US). Our new partners Mike and Nele at Consouling Store.

Thank you to Joseph at Smart BE for the precious word and advices <3

There are also the always supporting ones, website, blogs, radio owners, Alex Baker (Post-Punk), Didier (Luminous Dash), Philippe Bauwens (who's been there from the very beginning), Aurelio (Score A/V), Christian (Rule Of Three), people at New Noise Magazine (thanx so much for the great reviews over the past year), Michael (Part Time Punks), Mike Textbeak.

Also a big thank you to all my pairs running great record labels who've been so inspiring and pushing us to always step-up our game; Gibby and Ryan (Dais Records), Pieter (Onderstroom Records), Justin (Dune Altar), Brian (Funeral Party Records), Luna (Instruments of Discipline), Louis (Third Coming Records), Florencia (Anti-Language Records) and Robert at DISARO (one of the very first listening to my crazy plan while in the process of creation of WSR)

And eternal love to all those artists I've had the honour to cross paths and count amongst my friends, whose work had and will always have a great impact on me. Emma Ruth Rundle, Jaye Jayle, FVNERALS, Chelsea Wolfe, Wreck and Reference, The Dark Red Seed, King Dude, Foie Gras.

Thanx to the bookers, tour managers and everyone who've made the life of our artists easier on the roads; Julien (Kuistax Booking), Fa Reed, Loïc (Holidays Highway), Matt Vax, Ricky, Marco and Federico at Swamp Booking

Glad to welcome once again on board Grégoire F. Thot as newcommer and partner in Weyrd Son Records.

In the details, Weyrd Son Records is: 23 bands. (38 if I count all those who are part of the Snowy Red tribute album). 26 releases, with a total of 69 editions (different colours and repress). 5 EP's. 11 albums. 8 7"'s. 2 double LPs. 1 boxset. 1 lathe cut (10") 17 titles that got sould out. 2 festivals. About 50 shows we've thrown. 36 newsletters sent. At least 3,302 lovers/followers (if I trust this FB page). Thousands of orders online. I don't know how many nights without sleeping, making artworks and packing records.

These 5 years have been intense and very exhausting sometimes but it was worth the sweat and the sleepless nights and all those names mentioned above make that I'm only looking forward to another round with you all.

Love from the Weyrd Son Rec HQ.

Long live Snowy Red (RIP dad/Micky Mike, my biggest source of inspiration). Love to my sis Alice and may you all stay "weyrd"!

PS: hope I didn't forget anyone. Apologies if I did...

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