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One year ago, we released one of our most intense and challenging record to date. FLEUVE by THOT saw the light of day on October 20th, 2017 and our love for that collection of nine impetuous songs have never stopped growing since then. One year later, it feels like we're always discovering the darkest and most hidden details of the record and that's exactly why we wanted to celebrate this release with something unique, something we've never done since we created this record label. A cassette boxset was always something we fantasized about and we felt it was about time to fill that gap. To celebrate THOT's anniversary of FLEUVE, we decided to complete the FLEUVE family with the tape version. Or maybe should we say NINE TAPES! The album is comprised of nine songs. So what you'll find in the box is a tape for each song (album edit on side A) and its demo version (side B). Also we will complete the boxset with a collection of nine download cards giving access to the each song's stems and isolated tracks. This FLEUVE cassette tape boxset is limited to 25 copies only and represents the most rare item we've ever launched! Rel. date Nov. 12, 2018 Preorder

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