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Comes in the following editions:

Edition #1 - sold out
Purple / blue vinyl.

Handnumbered and limited to 150 copies.

Edition #2

Black vinyl.

Limited to 350 copies.



DRAB MAJESTY "THE HEIRESS " - 7"  WyS-014   2016

Drab Majesty is the solo project of Deb DeMure, who's also part of Marriages (on Sargent House Records, home of Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles...) and self describes his music as "tragic wave" or goth mid-fi.

Drab Majesty combines pulsing synthesizers accent with colorful post-punk in all the right ways. In a world of darker music that conjures greyscale imagery, mastermind Deb Demure’s creations shine neon bright in the haze of a drunken night. His album "Careless", released last Summer through DAIS Records (Youth Code, Genesis P-Orridge, King Dude, High-Functionning Flesh, Cold Cave...), is highly praised by critics and constatlly goes under a new repress every three months as the storm is constantly expanding. Drab Majesty shared the stage with the "crème de la crème" in terms of dark minimal sounds such as Psychich TV, Frozen Autumn, King Dude, Animal Bodies, and so many others.


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