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Comes in the following editions:

Edition #1 - sold out

This boxset consists of a very thick (1500gr) cardboard box with debossing parts, all covered in some pretty luxurious fabric. Three vinyl records inside. Outersleeves will have debossing parts as well and oldstyle pictures (by Manon Weiser) pasted on them. The first 75 copies of this beauty will come with an extra fabric (wrapping the three records) silkscreened by our own delicate hands and sealed on the back with wax. In addition to those 75 first copies will come an extra 10" lathe cut record with four bonus tracks and a personalized certificate of authenticity.

Edition #2 - sold out

3 x 140gr black vinyl
Printed innersleeves
Thick hi-class cardbord box with debossing parts all covered in a pretty luxurious fabric.
(This edition doesn't come with the extra lathe cut record and the sealed and silkscreened fabric)






'All vocals performed by those whom are no longer with us.'

Somewhere between life and death, in an in-between might be poetically described as David Lynch - simulating a human face surreal awakening to that, his eyes still misty and feet walking on ground that it still does not recognize as completely his own, do not really know where he is - the music of Angelinos is a mix between a brutal reality, prosaically lo-fi and moods esoteric-hypnotics fascinating. Haunted by a vote of songs from old dusty records of the early last century and we believe directly unloaded from the abyss of oblivion, here accompanied by a piano from beyond the grave, then by the strings straight out of horror films, the 14 stocks that make up the two first volumes could also be well suited to atmosphere as a wake Mormon accompany a ghostly choir singing under the rubble of his Baptist church once burned by the KKK.
Volume III takes us on a journey through other generations and points on the map. The concept of using field recordings has here been pushed away for the use of more contemporary voices. The overall concept and style is the same though, as if these other people from the past learned what could be achieved through the pioneers on volume I and II.

Suffocating and mysterious, the music of
White Horse still manages to remain melodic and pure, thus magnifying the wonderfully chaotic and sublimating his excessive taste for heavy atmospheres and tormented by a thin but continuous strand of seraphic light..

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