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VOWWS "UNDER THE WORLD" - LP    WyS-020    2018

With their new album, 'Under the World,’ VOWWS craft their death pop masterpiece - a cinematic, stylish and menacing statement of intent. Drawing upon influences as diverse as classic western, electronica, surf rock, metal, and film music, the enigmatic duo weave disparate threads of cultural influence together into a tapestry of drama, imagination and surprising warmth - only to deconstruct them again in front of your ears.
Under the World was largely recorded with friend, mentor and engineer Kevin S. McMahon at his New Paltz, NY studio - building upon a symbiotic relationship formed while piecing together their debut, 2015’s The Great Sun - a dirty, grinding and swaying work featuring guest appearances by electronic music legend Gary Numan and Swans’ percussionist Thor Harris.
This time around VOWWS took on a more prominent role in producing and mixing the record, but the timeless influence of McMahon and his weatherworn New Paltz studio/barn is still present. Under the World deliberately eschews any obvious Post-Punk and Industrial tropes, instead allowing space for its stylish hooks, direct vocals and rich textures to shine. It will be released as a collaboration on the band's own label, Anti-Language Records (US pressing) on March 2nd, 2018 and on Weyrd son Records for the EU pressing on March 26th.

Artwork by Jesse Draxler

Comes in the following editions:


Edition #1

Black and white stripped vinyl (limited to 150 copies)
Edition #2

Black vinyl (limited to 350 copies)

CD Edition


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