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Unlike people in down-to-earth working professions, who everyone always needs, creative individuals, such as artists and musicians, work for a specific and rather small audience. In a capitalist economy where everyone has to think about monetizing their successes regardless of their talents and occupation, it is not easy for talented people. After all, if laying pipes in a flat or installing new wiring is necessary for everyone, then an unusual Impressionist painting is not such a popular commodity.

What is a musician or artist to do in our cruel world, where more and more people focus on making money, and the time allotted to creativity and beauty is steadily decreasing? How do you achieve financial success and build some economic success into your work? Let’s try to understand strategies for creative people to thrive and consider the avenues that today’s digital economy opens up for them.

The digital world is a big plus for creativity

Some 15-20 years ago, artists and musicians had a very difficult time when not everyone had an Internet connection, a PC, or a quality smartphone. Further than the local club or house of culture, getting a man without connections is not so easy, respectively, about any earnings could not dream. Today, the World Wide Web opens up unique opportunities for everyone – even the most exotic work can find a connoisseur anywhere.

In what ways can a person monetize creativity on the Web? Here are the most popular and effective options:

  1. Freelancing. Special freelance exchanges worldwide offer people special orders where it is necessary, for example, to write a song or develop some illustrations. For this, the customer pays the client money, and there is no connection to the local economy where the performer lives, so earnings can be very decent;
  2. Work in IT. Companies of games, apps, and different online platforms for learning and business always need beautiful audio and visual design. Therefore, if a person has a certain talent and can do the work corresponding to the requests of such companies – he can get a full-time position and earn good money doing what he likes to do;
  3. It is also possible to organise exhibitions and participate in competitions worldwide, where you have to present your work and wait for it to be evaluated by the public. Many people have achieved success and international recognition through such mechanisms.


There are increasingly more ways to monetize your successes today – the digital economy constantly opens up new opportunities. For example, do not forget about social networks – if you regularly present interesting works in your account on a popular network, a group of connoisseurs will form.

Copyright protection is an important aspect of monetization

Inexperienced authors may face a problem – trying to share their works with the world, they will simply put them on the Web, where all sorts of clever dealers can easily steal everything and use it for their purposes. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you:

  1. Submit your works through special platforms where there is copyright protection;
  2. Sell your work only through specialized sites like Redbubble, where there is a system of protection and other useful features;
  3. To expose for public review not complete works but, for example, a part of a composition and paintings or illustrations – with watermarks.

There are many options for creative people to monetize their work today – you just need to spend time and find the right ways to earn money.