Quality coal for hookah is one of the most important elements of making a good hookah. Without properly selected coal, you are unlikely to be able to enjoy the flavor of hookah smoke fully.

Coal for hookah from coconut charcoal supplier is split into two main classes – natural and chemical (self-igniting). Natural coals can be divided into coconut and other wood coals. Natural coals take longer to ignite but hold heat longer, making them preferable for frequent use.

According to most people, the best charcoal for hookah is coconut charcoal, made from coconut shells. This charcoal takes quite a long time to ignite (with the help of an external heat source), but it also holds the heat necessary to keep the hookah functional for a long time. You will need to replace the coconut shell charcoal on your hookah no sooner than after half an hour of smoking. Another plus of these coals is that they do not affect tobacco flavor and do not emit harmful substances. The coals should be heated until they are completely red, about 7-15 minutes on average.

There are many manufacturers of coconut charcoal for hookah, but all of these coals are made in Indonesia, and only a few are very different from the mainstream.

Coconut briquettes manufacturers sell coconut shisha charcoal in various formats, the most popular being 25mm and 22mm; there are also kalaud, flat, and large 45mm versions. We recommend buying 25 mm charcoals; they are the most popular and versatile.

Hookah charcoal

In addition to charcoal made from coconut shells, coals made from olive seeds, lemon wood, and other trees and shrubs are on sale.

In the East, lemon wood charcoal is often used – it gives no odor and provides an excellent temperature for tobacco. However, these coals must be changed frequently and pre-chopped, making the process more complicated.

Coconut briquettes
Coconut briquettes

Self-igniting hookah charcoal

The main advantage of self-igniting charcoal is the ability to quickly get the result in burning coals and ready hookah. The ignition process takes about a minute, much faster than natural coals.

Among the main disadvantages of most self-burning coals are their odor when igniting and further smoking, the possibility of strong sparks, and a short period of maintaining heat.

Such coals are usually made of one of two chemicals – saltpeter or dry alcohol. Avoid saltpeter coals at all costs; they have the strongest and most unpleasant odor. Dry alcohol coals are slightly better but still far from natural.

Remember that before use, self-burning charcoal should burn completely; no black elements should be left. If this is not the case, it is better to let it lie and blow on it. Ignite such coals better in a ventilated room like a balcony or veranda.

How to ignite charcoal for hookah?

The best way to ignite coal for hookah (natural, not chemical) is an ordinary electric stove made in Russia. As practice shows, stoves from China are of lower quality and will break much faster. Spiral tiles can be bought in almost any large store for 250-500 rubles. In nature, you can use special compact gas burners.

Where to buy coal for hookah?

Coal for hookah is sold in all specialized stores, as well as in tobacco stores. It is also possible to buy coal through online stores.

Electric charcoal for hookah

Many engineers who love hookah have tried to make perfect electric coals for hookah, but all of them were convinced sooner or later that natural coal was better. If you are offered to buy unique electric coals for hookah, it is better not to give in to temptation; most likely, you will be quickly disappointed in them.