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////////////// March. 26, 2014 MARIE DAVIDSON's "PERTE D'DENTITE" premiere on THE FADER

Ready for a seven minutes long slap? The Fader is today premiering Marie Davidson's track "Perte d'identité" from the upcoming album of the same title (Release April 4th). Billions of thanx to The Fader and ENJOY!!!
Perte d'identité premiere on THE FADER

////////////// March. 18, 2014 LUMINANCE's "OBSESSION" (feat Nathalie Bruno) 7" soon on WEYRD SON RECORDS

Weyrd Son Records would like to welcome Luminance
This 7" presents two wonderful tracks. Side A has the song "Obsession", featuring Nathalia Bruno (ex-Phosphor, Leave The Planet) and on side B, "Viper Smile".
With wonderful artwork by Anaïs Mims.
Release date: May 2014
More details and stream "OBSESSION" HERE

////////////// March. 17, 2014 WEYRD SON and ELZO DJ SET - IN 80's WE TRUST at Madame Moustache (Brussels)

Weyrd Son is doing it again, but this time with our dear and great friend Elzo, of Teenage Menopause RDS.
Double bill all night long at Madame Moustache. Wednesday 26th of March, starting 10pm for hours of the finest selection of 80's hits and things that sound like. BOOM!

////////////// March. 12, 2014 MARIE DAVIDSON TOURING TEXAS starting this Thursday

Tomorrow in Austin!!! Marie Davidson will start invading Texas for a two weeks tour!
First stop this Friday 13, 9PM. at MAGGIE MAE's /// Courtyard - 512 Trinity St., Austin, TX 78701.

////////////// March. 12, 2014 MARIE DAVIDSON's "PERTE D'IDENTITE" LP PREO-ORDERS!

Pre-orders for Marie Davidson's "Perte d'identité" are finally starting now!
Release date is due April 4 2014. Click here to order or just to hear the two first excerpts "Abduction" and "Je ne t'aime pas".

////////////// March. 11, 2014 WEYRD SON DJ SET - Hard Hits All-nite Thursdays at Madame Moustache (Brussels)

Don't know what to do this Thursday starting 10PM?
Join us at Madame Moustache (Brussels, Belgium) and let's dance, jump and mosh on today's best, hosted by Weyrd Son behind the turntables. Some cold wave/synthpop/post punk wil smash the speakers and squash your insides ALL NIT LONG!
Plus it's FREE!!!. No Excuses...

////////////// Jan. 17, 2014 Marie Davidson's "Perte d'identité" official announcement

Today we are so proud to officialy announce Marie Davidson's first full length "Perte d'identité".

Perte d'identité, which translates to "loss of identity," is the debut LP by composer, singer and poet Marie Davidson, one of the finest artists rising from the electronic dark-synth scene in Montreal. Her voice is a stark half-spoken monotone which will tell you stories from which you can't escape unchanged. With this release, she refines her storytelling with suffocating tales that are both intimate and melancholic. Meanwhile, her miraculously human electronic rhythms are as frantic and hypnotic as an intense stare. In her premier full length album, she invites you to take a look in the peephole, revealing a fascinating cinematic picture. What you will be shown are the parts of yourself which you're scared and ashamed of, but also the ones that reveal a haunting and glamorous sensuality. Not only will she spin you a tale, but her music will immerse your soul in images of sweet anxiety. "This album is about romance and a quest for meaning."
Whith exclusive bonus track: "Shaky Leg" remixed by Cristobal U & The Mole

Artwork by Alice Thiel

This one will be limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
140gr black vinyl, 300gr deluxe cardboard sleeve with embossing and inside printing , 300gr cardboard double sided insert.
Release date: first week of March 2014.

Perte d'identité LP on bandcamp and Perte d'identité LP on bigcartel

////////////// Jan. 6, 2014 Show some support to our friends of BOAN

Time to support one of the new best bands in the synthsphere. BOAN is the new project by members of three of my favorites (Medio Mutante, Ssleeperhold and //TENSE//). If you don't know them, you definitely have to check them out and discover their first official video for FREAK SNAKE (Directed by Asa Fox). Your mind will blow. Open your eyes and ears in 2014 because this one will be BOAN's year! Read the review on MISHKA NYC

////////////// Dec. 1st, 2013 BLACK FRIDAY!!! Hurry up!

Last day to have a chance to grab some of our records for this year's Black Friday sale. Don't forget to use the code: WEYRD to take 30% off!!! Take a visit to our stores bandcamp and bigcartel

////////////// Nov. 27, 2013 BLACK FRIDAY!!!

Two days before it is international BLACK FRIDAY. Which means our records will have a 30% discount starting this Friday November 29th. This one will go all through the weekend until Sunday December 1st. Just use the code: WEYRD to take 30% off. Visit our stores bandcamp and bigcartel

////////////// Nov. 12, 2013 Marie Davidson "Je ne t'aime pas" video

2014 promises to be a great year. We're so proud to count Marie Davidson amoung us and to release her debut album called "Perte d'identité" around February. Here's the first excerpt and video "Je ne t'aime pas". Great song, beautiful and very sensitive voice and vibes, wonderful video directed by Pierre Gerineau...

////////////// Oct. 30, 2013 Weyrd Son Records and Teenage Menopause Records present MUSHY (It) / Essaie pas (Can) Brussels, Nov. 21, 2013

Weyrd Son Records and Teenage Menopause are joining their forces for the organization of a special event that will soon take place in Brussels on Thursday, Nov 21. MUSHY (It) and ESSAIE PAS (Can) will share the stage and black cats will sing on rooftops. It'll also be the occasion for ESSAIE PAS to celebrate the release of their first LP to be released on TEENAGE MENOPAUSE REC. The album will see the light of day on Nov 16. If you can't make it to Brussels, check their calendar as they're playing a bunch of dates in Europe.
Entrance: 7€
Thursday, Nov 21 at 8pm @ London Calling, Brussels, Belgium

event page

////////////// Oct. 26, 2013 Video premiere for "Can I Hold The Sky" by Mushy

Today we're launching the video premiere for Mushy's "Can I Hold The SKy", from her contribution to the split EP MUSHY/MEDDICINE we released lately.
Millions of thanx to Francesco Brunotti (Direction / Motion Graphics / Animation) for the fantastic and very inspired video. Check his work here

MUSHY - "Can I Hold The Sky"

////////////// Oct. 25, 2013 Reviews reviews...

Since we started as a label, we NEVER got any single negative review on any of our releases. AND THESE ONES ARE NO EXCEPTIONS !!! Thanx to a closer listen for the great words on the LINEA ASPERA "II" EP and to beachsloth for covering the Mushy/Meddicine split EP.

////////////// Oct. 14, 2013 LINEA ASPERA "II" EP is out!

The Linea Aspera "II" EP (single-sided) finally got here today. Sorry for the so long delay and the wait. They'll be shipped your way tomorrow!!!

////////////// Sept. 29, 2013 Next release on Weyrd Son Records : HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH

Here's a taste of what's in the making as Weyrd Son Rec's fourth release... Please welcome High-Functioning Flesh, one of my biggest crush this year. Take a listen to their demo, you'll understand why! Their debut EP "A Unity Of Miseries A Misery Of Unities" will see the light of day in January 2014. take a listen

////////////// Sept. 27, 2013 Norman Records gives 9/10 to the Mushy/Meddicine split EP

Mushy : "t's like some kind of queasy nightmare about Burial producing a Sapphire Slows record while Zola Jesus and John Carpenter sit around smoking blunts and offering advice."

Meddicine: "Over on the other side Meddicine is doing something with similar dark synth textures but on more of a repeato tip, seemingly taking cues from Berlin bunker techno and more intense Throbbing Gristle-esque industrial grit for a frosty trio of head-nodders with hard crunchy beats and droney hypnotic synth loops. It's pretty intense in places. It sounds like the soundtrack to people running around a maze of tunnels being chased by shadowy monsters. Jittery and dark."

read it here

////////////// Sept. 14, 2013 Cool review of the Mushy/Meddicine split in Italian's ROCKIT

read it here

////////////// Sept. 3, 2013 LINEA ASPERA "ll" EP - vinyl reissue. Pre-orders!!!

Today is a pretty special day as we are very excited to announce the pre-orders for the reissue on vinyl of LINEA ASPERA "II".

Originally released on cassette, this vinyl reissue of Linea Aspera's last EP is a must have for minimal synth and darkwave enthusiasts.
The three tracks featured on this EP are wonderful synth-pop/noise/industrial pearls that translate perfectly the aesthetic of the London duo consisted of Alison Lewis and Ryan Ambridge; powerful lyrics and sexy vocals added to strong and infectious dronelike synths at their best that have a very high 80's-feel. Linea Aspera's music is very emotional and highly recommended for anyone who has learned that the darkness is their friend and who relish it's cold embrace.

This collection comes in a single-sided clear vinyl with artwork printed on PVC sleeve and tracing paper insert.
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

stream it here

////////////// Aug. 25, 2013 MUSHY / MEDDICINE split EP review in MISHKA BLOGLIN

Excelllent review for the Mushy/Meddicine split EP by Mishka Bloglin. Billions of thanx to Samm and HeatStroke!!!


////////////// Jul. 27, 2013 Pre-orders for the MUSHY / MEDDICINE split are starting now!

Initially this MUSHY/MEDDICINE split saw its release last year on tape through Meddicine's own label SixSixSixties Records. Both sides have a similar hypnotizing quality that is bound to intrigue anyone, yet are very different at the same time. Hailing from Italy, Mushy is like a siren; you know deep down that giving in to her seductive chanting will take you to a dark place, but you submit yourself nonetheless. Meddicine is a different kind of enchantress. Her music is overwhelming in a harsher, more straightforward way, seducing by pulsating sound and noise rather than vocals. In other words, this vinyl reissue offers a great combination of psychedelic synths and noise that will leave no one unimpressed. Hand-numbered limited edition of 300. Release date: Aug. 19th.


////////////// Jul. 12, 2013 Review of "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" in OBSKÜRE Mag

Another great review for "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" in the excellent French mag OBSKÜRE. Thanx to Max Lachaud.
Don't wait any longer to order your copy as 90% is now gone in only one month!!!

////////////// Jul. 3, 2013 Soon on Weyrd Son Records...

The MUSHY/MEDDICINE split ep (vinyl reissue) is now in the making! Approximate release date 19 August.
You can stream it here and here

////////////// Jun. 21, 2013 Radio interview with Weyrd Son on Radio Campus

Tune in to 92.1 fm this Friday at 12pm (GMT+1). Exclusive interview with Weyrd Son, speaking about "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" and about what's coming next on Weyrd Son Records. Lots of cool tunes will be played. (Interview in french)

////////////// Jun. 17, 2013 Review for "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" by InvisibleGuy

Thanx to InvisibleGuy for this short but so positive review. Seems like they all have only good words for that one...Read

////////////// Jun. 16, 2013 Tribute to Snowy Red running out

Last five copies with free limited poster!!! Hurry up! Order

////////////// Jun. 15, 2013 Fan video for Mushy's "Baby Tonight"

Cool vid edit from a fan for Mushy's cover of Snowy Red classic "Baby Tonight"

////////////// Jun. 12, 2013 And yet another review!

7,5/10 for the Snowy Red tribute double album. Thanx to Son of Marketing!

////////////// Jun. 10, 2013 FULL & EXCLUSIVE STREAMING of "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red"

We're happy to announce that The Drone Mag is now streaming the complete tribute to Snowy Red on their website. Listen
Thanx to The Drone !!!

////////////// Jun. 4, 2013 Review for "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" in Peek-a-Boo Mag.

The tribute to Snowy Red reached 95/100 and 10 stars (out of ten) in Peek-a-Boo Mag. Did you say killer review? Read

////////////// Jun. 1, 2013 Time for premiere!

Fourth and last excerpt out of "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" before the album is officially out (less than a week now).
REVELATOR (Ben Chisholm) ft. FREDDY RUPPERT on the cover of the classic "EUROSHIMA (WARDANCE)"

////////////// May 9, 2013 "_ever Alive - tribute to Snowy Red" pre-orders are starting now and stream Animal Bodies' "Lies in your Eyes"!

You can now pre-order "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" on our big cartel page. Remember, the first 125 orders will come with a free limited and hand-numbered poster.

////////////// Apr. 2, 2013 VIDEO PREMIERE !!! Check Snowy Red's classic "Nowhere" revised by Mirror Mirror @ THE FADER

read here

////////////// Feb. 19, 2013 DEATHDAY's "So Low" recording session

Here are a few pictures from Deathday's recording session for their contribution to the "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" compilation. "So Low" sneak peak!!!

////////////// Feb. 17, 2013 LEBANON HANOVER + MARBURG spring tour 2013

May 12 DOM // ŁÓDŹ

////////////// Jan. 10, 2013 premiere for track/video from "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red"...

The first song from "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" has just been released. This first song, "Nowhere", originally from Snowy Red's LP "The Right To Die" (1982), is covered by Marburg, a minimal wave/industrial band from Łódź, in Poland. The song comes with a video of Łódź featuring "daily post industrial decay".

MARBURG - "Nikąd (Nowhere)"

////////////// Jan. 2, 2013 MUSHY + BLACK TAR JESUS winter tour 2013

09/1 CZ Ústí nad Labem @ Prostor Mumie
10/1 CZ Praha @ K4
11/1 DE Berlin @ Madame Claude
12/1 CZ Plzeň @ Divadlo Pod Lampou
13/1 CZ Pardubice @ Klub 29

14/1 -- book us! (

15/1 CZ Olomouc @ Galerie U Mloka
16/1 SK Košice @ Tabačka Bar
17/1 AU Vienna @ Transporter
18/1 CZ Brno @ Boro (w/ Eric Chenaux)
19/1 CZ Budweis @ Ostinato Festival (w/ Eric Chenaux)

////////////// Dec. 28, 2012 Final tracklist for "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" (by alphabetical order)

ANIMAL BODIES - Lies in Your Eyes



DEATHDAY - Don't Loose Control

LED ER EST - A Picture

MARBURG - Nowhere

MEDDICINE - The Long Run


MUSHY - Baby Tonight

NEWCLEAR WAVES - Blood Blood Blood

NOVE MURA - Breakdown

REVELATOR - Euroshima (Wardance)

SAFYEE - Torpedo Good Luck

SCORPION VIOLENTE - Euroshima (Wardance)


//TENSE// - Deep Desire


////////////// Dec. 20, 2012 BRIGHT FUTURE "A Lonely Christmas [Happy Holidaze]" - FREE DOWNLOAD

Our man Frank Midnite from Bright Future, who's part of the Snowy Red tribute album, just shared this reaaaaally cool tune on his soundcloud. PLUS FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

////////////// Dec. 20, 2012 Ben Chisholm's (WHITE HORSE) interview by fineprintmag

White Horse' interview in fineprintmag

////////////// Dec. 20, 2012 Teaser for upcoming White Horse's 3 ep boxset "The Revenant Gospels" on Weyrd Son Records

////////////// Dec. 18, 2012 WEYRD SON RECORDS FINALLY HITS THE WEB !!!

Ok, ok, ok... Just another damn label down here. Why the hell? The Mayans predicted the apocalypse in the next few days anyway... So, WHY?

Well, no other good reason than passion for arts, and for music more precisely. So simple as that. So simple as waking up on a sunday morning with these words in mind: "What if I was starting my own record label?". Yes, that simple!

So here we are eight months later with a gorgeous website and a few amazing releases and other projects in the making for the year to follow.

Weyrd Son Records only has the goal and pretention to try being the most honest and artist friendly label run on a shoe string.
The other big aim is to make the beautifulest and most arty items, because each record deserves to become a true collector, the same way we think our artists are cult names in the process.
This label is a home for the bands and artists a real admiration is expressed so they have the freedom to release music they might not be able to, or want to, release on other labels.

Before I go further, I think it's time to thank those who've been a great support to this cause: my mom, my sister Alice, another Alice who's now certainly reading this in an Asian youth hostel I guess. Juliette, without whom this project would've never grown in my brain. Jessi, the amazing webmaster who I've been a true pain in the ass to as I was constantly challenging him asking for more and more. My closest friends: Alex, Agostina, Claire, Yves, Deborah, Coline, Borto, Brigitte, Marion, Doom, CHA, Pieter, Zoé, Simi, Scuzzy, Ali, Nancy, Yoann, Niki, Carole, Blackmarquis, Robert D, Felipe.
Of course this wouldn't be complete without thanking the amazing artists and people I now consider like beloved friends who are taking part to this outstanding project: Lynette, Chris, Jessica R, Gus, James, Valentina, Monika, Jessica W, Lorene, Ben, Freddie, Sam K, Owen, Shawn, Josh, David, Ryan, Sam J, Natasha, Frank, Larry, Robert, Jessy, Alex, Justyna, Alessandro, Nafi, Toma and Mariana. Thanx to you all for the energy you're spreading and for the trust you're showing to me.

...a pretty special thought for my cat who haven't been rewarded by the same attention he used to be eight months ago... Now we're back on tracks, buddy!

And above all, this goes to the memory of Micky. It is the inspiration he communicated that made this all happen.

But now it's time to talk about what's waiting for you in 2013, despite the Mayan calculations:

First we have this free mixtape as a welcome gift you can download NOW. "The WEYRD Dig nasty". This is a mix that combines lots of the bands we'll work with for the next months.
Meddicie, Violet Tremors, Led Er Est, Animal Bodies, Bestial Mouths, Deathday, Snowy Red, Mushy, White Horse, Strange Powers, //TENSE//, Scorpion Violente
+ a few classix from that amazing music history...


Feb/Mar: "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" - wys001
This will be first WS' installment; a double lp paying tribute to Belgian classical minimal-cold-darkwave one-man band Snowy Red.
For our first release we have none other than what we seriously think is today's finest with the likes of Animal Bodies, Bestial Mouths, Bright Future, Deathday, Led Er Est, Marburg, Meddicine, Mirror Mirror, Mushy, Nové Můra, Newclear Waves, Revelator, Scorpion Violente, Strange Powers, //Tense// and Violet Tremors. This is what we call a "allstars" lineup!

Spring: WHITE HORSE - "The Revenant Gospels" (3 ep boxset) - wys002
The note says "All the vocals were performed by those whom are no longer with us"... White Horse is the somber vision of musician Ben Chisholm, who is also a full time member of Chelsea Wolfe. Recording under the name "White Horse" since 2010, he has released a number of highly praised experimental solo recordings including "Final Coordinates" and "The Revenant Gospels I, II, and III".
These 20 tunes definitely come from another time and place. This is way scarier and darker than anything you've ever experienced. This makes most witch-house sound like a children's carnival ride. Supernatural, spooky, even terrifying, but also strangely tranquil once you give yourself over to it. These spirits just want to be heard, they are not threatening. It's been more than a year this trilogy has been an obsession, waiting and waiting for someone to drop that one down. So we're soooo proud this wonderful 3 volumes collection will finally get released under Weyrd Son Rec.!!!

Early summer: Mushy / Meddicine split ep - wys003
Those who've been lucky to grab a sample of the super limited (and now out of print) Mushy/Meddicine split tape will easily understand why Weyrd Son Rec. wanted to share this one and give it the opportunity to get rereleased on black wax. So many thanx to Monika (Meddicine / Sixsixsixties Records) for that! Follow those links, music will speak to you by itself.