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Animal Youth "Animal"
_ever Alive - a trbute to Snowy Red -  2xLP




Snowy Red was the one-man electronic band of the former Chainsaw bassist, Micky Mike.

He started his own project under the name Snowy Red in October 80. With his new project, he wanted to prove that it was possible to self-produce a full album, despite meagre means: a few synthesizers, a 12/2 mixing panel, a 2-track reel-to-reel recorder and a few basic effects. This happened to be a successful experience: the record he released in January 1981 was pretty well received by the Belgian and foreign press. The album release was followed by a series of performances that were outside the scope of an ordinary rock gig. Micky sang alone on stage, accompanied by pre-recorded tapes and two dancers from MUDRA (Maurice Béjart's ballet school). To complete the stage set, slides were projected on one side, polaroids on the other, courtesy of photographer Stéphane Sergeant.

Micky believed the audience came not only to listen but also to watch: he wanted the visuals to enhance their memories of the performance. At the end of the concert, a 'suicide' hung himself on stage. Nothing pretentious, just different. Micky Mike dared to do what other Belgians only fantasized about.
Musically speaking, the duo Suicide was Micky Mike's strongest influence at the time. He even dedicated "Baby tonight" to them. This avowed influence led to him being dubbed Suicide, Belgian-style by the audience.

In October 1981 Snowy Red started work on the second album. The minimal austerity of the first album was still there, but warmer sounds were added by a guitar, a bass, and more confident vocals. The single "I'm Hurt" announced the release of THE RIGHT TO DIE. Despite its new aesthetics and a brighter spectrum, the new album was as emotionally charged as its predecessor. The album was praised by the entire Belgian press and by the English Melody Maker and Vinyl. On stage, the show became more confident as Micky now stood alone, without the dancers who had flanked him during his first performances.
The album confirms the success of the experiment: concerts in England, Holland, positive review of Melody Maker and Vinyl. The new show does not have more dancers, slides and Polaroid were replaced by films in almost all performance. Snowy Red performed that year in the Ancienne Belgique (Brussels), supporting TC Matic and then toured in Britain and the Netherlands.


With the "Vision" LP and some tracks on the "The Beat Is Over" LP, Snowy Red was, for a brief moment only, a band. After the Belgian New Beat boom, Snowy Red called it quits and Micky Mike disappeared, only for the band to resurface again in 2004 as a duo (with a guitarist) at the Belgian Independent Music festival.

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