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10 years ago, the members of SURE were travelling across France, Europe and sometimes the Globe, without ever crossing their paths. Their driving force was the same ideal of adventure and friendship : the one that urges every band, whether they play extreme music or mainstream pop, to loose a few life points for 40 minutes of magic per day.


10 years is the time needed for these dreams to go out or be transformed,and to imprint themselves into our skin, like tattoos that can be exposed after a few drinks. It’s also the time needed for new encounters, ones that were not part of our plan. After finishing each other’s sentences for a while, Michael, Nicolas & Gregory started writing new ones. When you’ve already done so many mistakes, it’s easy to avoid them.


Since 2016, the 3 boys of SURE are asking themselves if their true love forpop music is compatible with the distortion walls of their hardcore education. And if this darkness is justified in the face of their innocent andsensible minds. With «Twenty Years» being released today through the

indie scouters Weyrdson Records, it may be a hint that these questions don’t really matter in the end.


You could call it destiny, when 3 people end up together to create something they would never have dared to do on their own : savage music for the easy-going, made to dance on the ruins of a world bleeding its sense out a little more each day.






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