The Revenant Gospels   3xEP boxset

WyS_003 - The Light Diggers Series #2



White Horse is the somber vision of musician Ben Chisholm, who is also a full time member of Chelsea Wolfe.


Recording under the name "White Horse" since 2010, he has released a number of highly praised experimental solo recordings including "Final Coordinates" and "The Revenant Gospels I, II, and III", which are to be released physically by Weyrd Son in 2013. Sighting other artists working under the moniker, White Horse, the name was put out to pasture in 2012 and turned into REVELATOR. With this fresh start, Revelator has recently released a split 7" with Jacob Bannon's latest project, Wear Your Wounds, and is currently recording new material for the near future.  


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The Blessing Of Heaven Is Visibly Upon Me - White Horse
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So That Death Will Tremble To Take Us - White Horse
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Sewn Shut - White Horse
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